“Just for today, be grateful,” is one of the Five Reiki Ideals. It is important for Reiki practitioners to notice and to spread thoughts of gratitude each day, because as each of us lives in his or her grateful heart, we not only create light within ourselves, but we also become a powerful collective consciousness for light.

Gratitude is a vibration of Divine Light. Everything in the physical universe shares gratitude as a part of its life force. When we live in gratitude, we are in the flow of creation, and we create a band of light that collects the gratitude we express and becomes a prevailing thought form of peace and thanksgiving encircling the Earth.


I do not always know what to do about the darkness in the world, but I do know that the light always illuminates the dark, and that the greatest power I have personally to effect change in the world, is to add light to the light.


And so I:

“Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say that I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one. I hope some day you will join us and the world will live as one.” John Lennon, Imagine.

Reiki is a source of Divine Light. When we activate Reiki, we become a portal for the Divine Light to enter into the density of this world. The Usui Master symbol literally means, “treasure house of the Great Beaming Light,” and “Great Being of the Universe, shine on me.”  Reiki sends the vibration of Divine Light to the Earth through us, and the more we use it, the more Divine Light there is on the planet.

Being human and living life on Earth can be hard, and it is sometimes challenging to be in gratitude. Therefore, we need specific tools that help. Gratitude is a practice. The more attention and focus we give it, the easier it is to be grateful.


It actually can be developed as a skill. Reiki offers many tools that can help us focus on our blessings each day. I asked my Reiki guides for ways to express gratitude, and they gave me the Reiki Gratitude Ceremony and the Reiki Gratitude Treatment as two powerful Reiki tools.

The Reiki Gratitude Ceremony creates an entrance point for the presence of Divine Light. People gather together to pray and claim their intentions. The power of the prayers and intentions is increased when a circle of Reiki light unites the people who are gathered. Reiki amplifies the light and invites the divine presence to join the circle.

A Reiki Gratitude Treatment can help to heal negative thought patterns and assist in the discovery of the grateful heart even in the midst of turmoil. It can empower us and make it easier to perceive and choose gratitude, wisdom, and love each day. Reiki can heal the places where we are blocked and ungrateful.

When we think about our gifts and blessings and say thank you, our hearts open and our minds are positive, inspired, and receptive. When we are grateful, it is easier to have a creative mind, which makes it easier to manifest our goals and dreams.

When we think about all that is not good enough in our lives, we can spiral into negative circling thoughts. Mind chatter, negativity, blame, and criticism rob us of a full and happy life. “Mind garbage” distracts us; we cannot hear our inner guidance, and there is no room for inspired ideas. We can become depleted, stressed, and anxious, and feel as if we do not control our own lives.

Usually it is a matter of training our minds to think about our blessings, but we have to make a deliberate choice to notice them. This can be a full time job at first, but as we develop positive mental habits, it becomes easier and easier. Reiki and gratitude are powerful tools that can instantly change our thoughts the moment we focus on our blessings.
A grateful heart is one of the quickest ways to heal mind chatter, negative thought, and unwanted perceptions. Jan Engels Smith, writes in Becoming Yourself, the Journey from Head to Heart:

“Be directive in what you create in your life. If you are directive, you are utilizing your gift of choice your sacred free will to choose the personal thoughts and beliefs that will manifest in your life. When you realize the power of your thoughts, and start to monitor them, you have taken the first step toward creating change for yourself.”


REIKI- What is it?

Reiki, or ‘Universal Life Energy’, is the spiritual healing energy of the universe. It is metaphysical by nature, and esoteric with respect to normal human cognizance. The Japanese word ‘Reiki’ can be broken down into two parts – ‘Rei’, meaning universal, or omnipresent, and, ‘Ki’, meaning life energy. Thus Reiki literally means Universal Life Energy.REIKI

This system of healing was founded and revived in the early 1900s. History has it that Krishna, Gautam Buddha, Jesus Christ and many saints have used the power of healing with their hands. But neither was this recorded anywhere, nor was it in practice anymore.  Dr.Mikao Usui received divine enlightenment for the same through an austere meditation atop a very sacred mountain in Japan, and established the Usui System of Natural Healing or Usui Shiki Ryoho. Under this system, a Reiki practitioner channelizes healing ‘Reiki’ energy into an individual from his/her palms, with or without touch.

Reiki  is guided by the higher intellect, that is, the divine, and brings relief from any kind of adverse condition(s) that goes against the welfare and wellbeing of an individual, a couple, or a group entity. In bringing relief, Reiki not only heals the painful symptoms, but also heals the root cause(s) of the problem. Such problem could have manifested at the physical level, causing disease, discomfort, pain and dysfunction in the body; at the mental level, causing imbalances that surface as depression, paranoia, phobia, obsession, and any other mental disorder; at the emotional level, causing emotional imbalances, outbursts, and other emotional crises; or at the spiritual level which is the deepest of the four levels of human perception.

As such, disharmony at this level usually links back to trauma experienced as a fetus, as an infant, as a child, or even in a previous birth wherein the being has carried forward memories of its past life experience(s) into the present life. Sometimes, a harrowing incident even at a more matured stage in life could have impacted deep enough to cause an imbalance at the spiritual level!

No matter what the problem, its depth or complexity, Reiki works out a unique healing solution that takes care of the energy block, the imbalance, the disease or any other abnormality, as well as all peripheral issues that might have branched from them. Thus, Reiki is a natural holistic energy medicine, safe and gentle for everyone in need of healing, re-energizing and rejuvenation. Being ‘life’ energy itself, it has no adverse effect on life forms and heals… irrespective of the age, gender, physical, mental and emotional conditions. With no complicated techniques, no painful procedures, instruments or equipments tied to it, Reiki is one of the easiest, simplest and most flexible of alternative energy medicine modalities. And since it does not interfere with therapies, procedures and medications, Reiki can safely be taken along with all ongoing treatments. Moreover, Reiki healing helps reduce negative side effects of other treatments and medications.

Reiki  healing significantly enhances and expedites the process of recovery, and boosts the body’s immune system. Regular Reiki healing helps cure pain and ailments we suffer from in daily life, reducing both the duration and the intensity, and protecting against many more!

Spiritual development and a stronger intuition are the other benefits of Reiki healing that come along naturally as one progresses along thisi path.

Reiki  can be learned from a Reiki guru titled Reiki Master Teacher. The Reiki Master is equipped with very powerful spiritual symbols that act as the gateway to the sacred healing energies existing at very high frequencies. At a Reiki class, the Reiki Master Teacher ‘attunes’ the student to the special Reiki frequencies. This enables the student to access the higher healing energies with a mental affirmation. After attunement, the student becomes a Reiki Channel, and can channelize Reiki to heal the self and others. An attunement stays active for life and does not wear away with time.

Under the Usui System of Natural Healing, or Usui Shiki Ryoho (in Japanese), the practitioner’s power and ability to heal increase progressively through three levels, namely, Reiki First which is meant for beginners, Reiki Second Degree which is meant for those who have practiced as First Degree Channels for over two months, and Reiki Third Degree or Master Teacher Degree which is meant for Reiki Channels who have practiced at the Second Degree level for over two years and wish to take up Reiki teaching as their way of life.

Learning Reiki  takes a dedicated two-day course, and stays good for a lifetime. Following the Reiki course, regular practice is necessary to enjoy the healing benefits of Reiki. EVERYONE HAS THE CAPACITY TO CHANNEL THE UNIVERSAL LIFE ENERGY!

At the risk of repeating – Reiki is the same life energy that animates every cell in the body. Whenever this life energy falls below the healthy level within the physical, mental, emotional or karmic energy of a living being, it goes through suffering. This happens when negative energy gets accumulated from external sources, or, gets generated from within as a result of negative thoughts, words or actions, and blocks the circulation of positive/life energy. What Reiki healing does is that it infuses fresh flow of life energy which either dissipates the negative energy block, or dissolves it into the positive energy field which is much stronger than the negative energy field, thereby restoring the steady circulation of life energy, raising the energy up to the healthy level. Reiki healing thus recharges the recipient with health, harmony and completeness at all levels of consciousness, and in all aspects of life.

On my Reiki journey so far, I have had incredibly amazing experiences healing both people who were near me, and those who were miles away from me in a far away continent. Reiki transcends time and distance; at the metaphysical level, factors of time and distance do not exist!

There are countless amazing stories of Reiki healings that could seem miracles, yet Reiki manifests such healings all the time, spontaneously! …And I am sure that every dedicated Reiki practitioners all over the world has experienced the Reiki blessing!

I am Cheryl-Anne Kannemeyer, Reiki Master Teacher and Healing Channel. Reiki is my way of life. I have been fortunate enough to channel healing to the suffering, to relieve diverse problems in life. I have witnessed healing at greater depths than I could have imagined! Through the past twelve years of my practice Reiki has amazed me with not only the way it heals ailments, obstacles, disorders and relationships, but also the way it connects individuals, bringing them together for the purpose of healing -at every instance re-establishing, rejuvenating and restoring harmony, health and happiness within as well as all around the recipient and the healing channel!

With love, light and Reiki!

Reiki – Distance healing

How Does Distant Healing Work?

Distant Healing often helps clients to lead healthier and more productive lives by resolving recent or chronic conditions. For example, remote healing may facilitate a reduction in pain from injury or surgery; ease childbirth for both mother and infant; and improve detoxification or clearing of chemicals, medications, X-rays, and MRI’s. Other common conditions for which distant healing may be helpful include: physical release of stress, tension, recent or old traumas to bones, muscles, nerves, tendons, and more.

CLINICAL EVIDENCE that Distant Healing works:
An article written by three renowned researchers details a double-blind randomized controlled study that reveals clinical evidence about the effects of distant healing. The purpose of the trial was to study the effects of distant healing performed by a professional Japanese healer on chronic pain. Read the article

Can I “feel” my Distant Healing During my Session?
Your ability to perceive or feel energy does not deter the effects of distant healing. Highly-sensitive clients will simply be more aware of the healing as it happens. Others may simply feel relaxed, or notice improvements over time.

How are Distant Healing Services Offered at The Way To Balance?

Distant healing at The Way to Balance is scheduled the same as for in-person sessions. For each distant healing session, Cheryl-Anne is  totally focused on the client, behind closed doors, for each hour-long distant healing session.

Typically, Cheryl-Anne will briefly converse with the client at the beginning and end of the session to establish goals and provide feedback. Telephone access during the session is not required, however. Telephone contact varies according to each client’s personal needs and health or emotional condition. For example, clients undergoing medical treatments during the time of the session are being assisted with Remote Healing techniques, and are thus not on the telephone with the therapist.

Who uses Distant Healing services?

Local clients tend to utilize distant healing when they are too ill to travel, or during inclement weather, or while undergoing and recovering from medical treatments or surgeries in a hospital, such as cancer radiation/chemo, hip knee replacement, heart surgery, etc. Coma, stroke, nursing home patients may all benefit from distance healing or remote healing sessions.

To schedule Distant Healing Sessions, please email ca.kannemeyer@gmail.com



Questions and Answers about Healing Energy Work

Q. What is the difference between Reiki and RYSE?
A. Reiki is very PEACEFUL, RYSE is very TRANSFORMING! (Which is NOT to say RYSE isn’t peaceful or Reiki isn’t transforming!)? Reiki is hands-on healing; RYSE is done with a clear quartz crystal, off the body, working on the energy field. In Reiki I have music in the background; RYSE is a CD with words (with music behind them), telling your energy system what to do to become clear and aligned. RYSE is a SERIES of five private sessions, which are progressive…. leading up to an initiation to your Blueprint” (Highest Healed Self). Both Reiki and RYSE are very helpful for eliminating stress, increasing peace, helping with certain medical conditions, and before and after surgery to quicken the healing process and release the trauma inside the body and energy field.

Q. Can you tell me what’s wrong with a person’s chakras?
A. It’s better for you when I explain how your inner work and self care can help your system stay aligned after your energy clearing. I like to affirm your progress, what the healing session did for you, and how you can continue to maintain your alignment. Sometimes I’m very direct, however, about what your system might be “screaming” for, such as a change in diet, fresh air and exercise, or a commitment to free up your perceptions or limiting beliefs. Everyone always leaves the session at their next possible level of healing and alignment. There is never an “end point!”

Q. Are you psychic?
A. Well, everyone is! It’s a matter of degree. I use intuition in my healing work to continually sense and assess what the energy system and body are wanting so I can move energies in an optimal way. I use all senses …seeing, feeling, hearing and knowing to access information. I also perceive and work with past trauma and inner child work. I do this by sensing the health of the inner child working multi-dimensionally with her to help bring her back to that magical child state. I also use my intuition with my oracle card readings, which occur after most healing sessions or as a separate offering. The oracle cards seem to bring about clarity, encouragement and confirmation based on what the client is looking for in the way of healing.

Q. Are you a medium?
A. Sometimes I see people who live in heaven, usually before, during or after a healing session or during a card reading. Sometimes they just show up, sometimes I tune in willfully and see someone. There is usually a reason they show up… like to let the loved know they are okay and to send love.

Q. Can bad karma be released?
A. Karma is simply “cause and effect.” We receive “lessons” from our works that may be unkind in some minor or major way. Karma is a great teacher. There are various ways karma is released. Karma exists in the cellular memories held in the physical body and in the energy system. When we energetically purify and raise our vibration by receiving healing work, or have a continuing spiritual practice like meditation and yoga, we release karma. In other words, karmic release happens through our soul work and is also brought to us through divine grace. That’s why letting go and forgiving and working with detachment and accessing our higher virtues is true spiritual work. This work crosses dimensions and can go all the way back to help heal our ancestry….and all the way into our future to pave the way for the return of “good” karma. Our “good” acts produced through our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions create “good” karma…so it also works both ways!

Q. How many healing sessions are usually necessary?
A. My usual response to this question is that you will feel a difference immediately, and even more within 48 hours because it takes 48 hours to fully integrate your healing. You energy system will “climb” for a time. If you never receive another session, you may notice old patterns returning. If you keep up sessions regularly, to whatever degree feels “right” to you, your system begins to take on a permanent “re-wiring” so you can maintain an easy access to your peace, joy and balance. There is not an end point to our evolution. Energy healing supports and quickens your evolution to your highest healed Self. We can often tell when we feel “off” and it’s time for a session. Those who have energy healing on a regular basis have an easier time maintaining steady balance.


Getting to grips with Meditation

In the space which thought creates around itself, there is no love. This space divides man from man, and in it is all the becoming, the battle of life, the agony and fear. Meditation is the ending of this space, the ending of the me.

Then relationship has quite a different meaning, for in that space which is not made by thought, the other does not exist, for you do not exist. Meditation then is not the pursuit of some vision, however sanctified by tradition. Rather it is the endless space where thought cannot enter.

To us, the little space made by thought around itself, which is the me, is extremely important, for this is all the mind knows, identifying itself with everything that is in that space. And the fear of not being is born in that space.

But in meditation, when this is understood, the mind can enter into a dimension of space where action is inaction. We do not know what love is, for in the space made by thought around itself as the me, love is the conflict of the me and the not-me. This conflict, this torture, is not love. Thought is the very denial of love, and it cannot enter into that space where the me is not. In that space is the benediction which man seeks and cannot find. He seeks it within the frontiers of thought, and thought destroys the ecstasy of this benediction.

Meditation is one of the most extraordinary things, and if you do not know what it is you are like the blind man in a world of bright colour, shadows and moving light. It is not an intellectual affair, but when the heart enters into the mind, the mind has quite a different quality: it is really, then, limitless, not only in its capacity to think, to act efficiently, but also in its sense of living in a vast space where you are part of everything.

Meditation is the movement of love. It isn’t the love of the one or of the many. It is like water that anyone can drink out of any jar, whether golden or earthenware: it is inexhaustible.

And a peculiar thing takes place which no drug or self-hypnosis can bring about: it is as though the mind enters into itself, beginning at the surface and penetrating ever more deeply, until depth and height have lost their meaning and every form of measurement ceases. In this state there is complete peace not contentment which has come about through gratification but a peace that has order, beauty and intensity. It can all be destroyed, as you can destroy a flower, and yet because of its very vulnerability it is indestructible. This meditation cannot be learned from another. You must begin without knowing anything about it, and move from innocence to innocence.

The soil in which the meditative mind can begin is the soil of everyday life, the strife, the pain, and the fleeting joy. It must begin there, and bring order, and from there move endlessly. But if you are concerned only with making order, then that very order will bring about its own limitation and the mind will be its prisoner. In all this movement you must somehow begin from the other end, from the other shore, and not always be concerned with this shore or how to cross the river. You must take a plunge into the water, not knowing how to swim. And the beauty of meditation is that you never know where you are, where you are going, what the end is.

Chi Energy – The Road to Happiness

The road to happiness is the road of free flowing chi energy (life force energy) that moves through you without negative energy blockage. This is vital to life, health, peace, balance, joy and vigor.

The free flow of chi energy without negative energy blockages is critical to health and happiness. The free flow of chi energy prevents disease by building up your energy body, immune system and resistance. It corrects brain chemistry and purifies body and blood. It is life force energy that can even change your brain chemistry and DNA to fight off and prevent mental and physical illness.

Chi energy (high vibration energy) dissolves negative energy blockages (caused by low vibration, negative energy). These blockages are the primary cause of mental and physical illness. By purifying the energy body, chi energy enters the bloodstream. It then purifies the body and the blood and nourishes the bodily organs. Negative energy blockages constitute stored emotional pain (anger, fear, etc. from past traumas and stress) that must be flushed out, dissolved and released in order to be healthy and happy. In addition, in order to be healthy and happy, you must build up your power, energy and happiness from the inside – by filling your mind, heart and energy body with peace, high vibration, positive energy and love.

Chi energy (life force energy) is available in abundance in the spiritual dimension (like oxygen in the physical dimension). It is positive energy. It is high vibration energy. It is the energy of life, visualized as white light. You must be able to easily and automatically tap into the spiritual dimension (the source of chi energy) through your energy body (aura, chakras, meridians and soul) and then process and distribute this life force energy freely without negative energy blockage. The chi energy will enter your bloodstream and your bodily organs and purify you. This energy will improve your health and happiness as it works to cleanse and heal your energy body and physical body at the same time.

The road to happiness requires you to re-program your beliefs from negative to positive, from narrow and rigid to open and fluid. In this way, your beliefs will not cause negative thoughts, which hold you back and cause stress and friction. You flush out and let go of negative beliefs you have about yourself. You flush out and let go of painful memories of your own mistakes and sins.

You connect with spirit. You elevate your soul over your ego in governance of self. You fully integrate your higher self and inner child into your personality (loving, happy, peaceful, and holy, fun loving and filled with wonder). You love again. You relax. As you connect with spirit, you become more fluid, open, peaceful, happy, positive, optimistic, loving and flexible. Over time, you will feel a lot of love in your heart. This is the feeling of spirit and chi energy. We call this ongoing feeling the “flow of love.” This will get so much stress out of your life. In the end stress is the primary cause of disease and unhappiness. Peace of mind and peace of spirit are critical aspects of happiness. Peace and happiness come from living in the flow of love. The flow of love will bring you a feeling of completeness and harmony that leads to peace and happiness.

To order E-Book, ” Road to Happiness”, please email ca.kannemeyer@gmail.com

Cost $19.99


Aura Colours and Meanings

Ever noticed how you feel when someone walks into a room? Good, bad, uncomfortable? Some may call it vibes, others may call it aura, but both are something one exudes naturally. Believe it or not, auras do exist, and explain why you may have experienced the aforementioned situations at some point in time. So what is an aura? An aura is described as an illuminated radiation around a person that may or may not be coloured, descriptive of a person’s personality, health, and state of mind. Not everyone knows how to see auras, though over time, some have mastered the art of naturally seeing them with years of practice. Normally, auras can be seen only after using specific photography equipment designed to capture the aura around a person in a photograph. Different people exude different aura colours. What does your aura colour mean? Here, we try and understand the various aura colours meaning.

Aura Colours and What They Mean

Aura colours are not always permanent. The colour one may emit today and after a few days may not always be the same. Auras are radiated based on a person’s personality, their physical health, as well as their current state of mind. For instance, an angry person may depict a murky red aura. However, if he/she is working to curb the anger by means of meditation or any other techniques, over time there may be a noticeable change in the aura colour. Aura colours also have several shades and tones, and an attempt has been made here to describe the meaning of colours in auras in as many shades as possible.

DISCLAIMER: The colours depicted here are for indicative purposes only. The actual aura colours and meanings may vary based on the method and the expertise of the person recognizing the auras.

The Red Family

Orange Red

Those who emit an orange red are known to be confident, creative individuals who can deal well with their problems.


A clear red implies an individual who is powerful, competitive, sexually charged, and passionate about any undertaken task. They have a sense of self importance that determines their decisions in life. Such individuals may not be able to cope well with change.

Deep red

A deep red aura colour symbolizes that the person is down to earth, has his head on his shoulders, is practical and realistic, and has an unshakable determination.

Murky Red

A murky red aura is symbolic of anger that can in fact, repel the positivity that one may have been able to attract. Such persons may be anxious, worried, obsessed with money, frustrated, and may be unable to forgive easily. All these attributes are known to repel positivity.


A bright but light pink can be symbolic of a sensitive, loving individual who is compassionate and pure in many ways. A pink aura can also symbolize the beginning or the ongoing nature of a romance.

Deep Pink

Finally, a deep pink can be indicative of an unscrupulous or immature person.

The Blue Family

Pale Blue

A pale blue aura speaks of an individual who is peaceful, has complete clarity of thought, and is an honest individual.


The colour blue in the world of aura colors is symbolic of a calm and easygoing person who is also sensitive and helpful. Those who radiate a blue aura are also known to be very intuitive.

Bright Royal Blue

This aura colour symbolizes spirituality and the availability of new options and opportunities for growth. It also speaks of clairvoyant abilities and kindness.


Similar to a clear blue aura, the indigo aura colour’s meaning is that of intuition and sensitivity. It is related to the third eye.

Muddy Blue

Those with a dark or muddy blue aura may be suffering from several fears such as that of confronting reality, the future, or oneself. Such individuals may also be scared of expressing themselves in front of others.


A lavender aura is suggestive of a brilliant imagination and someone who is ambitious, but someone who fantasizes a lot too.


Relating to the nervous system, a violet aura reflects underlying psychic powers that exist in the individual. It may mean that one is comfortable and in complete harmony with oneself. Yet another colour that symbolizes intuitive powers, violet is also an indication of a person who is idealistic and creative.

The Green Family

Yellow Green

Someone with a yellow green aura is a creative and social or outgoing person.


Green is the colour of growth, balance, and change. A person who emits a green aura is someone who is known to love nature and is a very social person.

Bright Emerald Green

A person who emits a bright emerald green aura has natural healing abilities, and focuses greatly on giving and receiving love.

Muddy Green

Not all greens are positive, and a muddy green suggests resentment, poor self-esteem, sensitivity to criticism, accusatory nature, and failure to take responsibility (personal or otherwise).

The Orange Family


An orange aura symbolizes good health and lots of energy in the person emitting it. Such individuals are creative, extroverts, use their time well, and are willing to take risks. On the negative side, an orange aura may be indicative of physical stress.

Orange Yellow

An orange yellow aura will tell you that the person emitting it is someone who is brainy, has a scientific bent of mind, and pays great attention to detail. Such persons are highly creative, and always strive for perfection.

The Yellow Family

Pale Yellow

A pale yellow aura indicates psychic abilities, and someone who has a spiritual bent of mind. It indicates hope, and the ability to generate creative, positive ideas for one’s betterment.

Bright Lemon Yellow

A bright lemon yellow aura shows that the person emitting it is facing some sort of struggle, in terms of power or relationships. This person may be someone who has a deep-seated fear of losing her/his reputation and control over various situations.


The aura of this colour reflects an inspired life, the life of someone who is an optimistic, cheerful, and happy person. A yellow aura is symbolic of intelligence and revival.

Metallic Gold

A metallic gold aura that is clear speaks of spiritual energy and inspiration.

Dark Murky Yellow

This aura is usually reflected in students who are struggling to study, or in people who think they don’t have enough time to complete their tasks. They are people who think beyond the necessary and experience excessive stress due to it.

Other Colours


Someone with a golden aura is being guided towards doing only good by a divine power. A gold aura suggests inner wisdom, spirituality, and protection from the evils of the outer world.


While indicating spiritual and physical wealth, a silver aura also reflects monetary wealth. On the spiritual side, it can imply a revival of consciousness.

Metallic Silver

This aura colour clearly indicates someone who is open to suggestions and new ideas. Such individuals are also nurturing and loving by nature.

Muddy Grey

When noticed in specific areas of the body, a muddy grey aura colour may be indicative of health problems associated with those areas. Such a colour may also indicate fears pertaining to one’s health or self.


A black aura attracts energy and converts it in the process. Those who emit a black aura are individuals who haven’t let gone or forgiven past mistakes by themselves or others. It may also be a symbol of grief, or an indication of health issues when seen in specific body parts.


A white aura indicates abundance of energy that has not been tapped yet. Someone with a white aura is considered to have angelic qualities, honesty, and is believed to be absolutely pure and spiritual.

The meaning of aura colors given above are an indication of the overall state of being of the person. However, the intricacies may vary based on personal personality traits. This information on aura colours meaning was meant to give you a general idea into the world of aura reading. It is not as simple as it looks, and if you are serious about learning about your aura and the reason for the colour you radiate, it is always a good idea to consult a specialist in the field.


Reiki is one of the few types of holistic medicine that is recognized by the American Cancer Society as being very beneficial for the patients overall health and wellbeing. There are several benefits in choosing this alternative medicine in addition to your more traditional medicine. Patients with mesothelioma can use alternative treatments, including Reiki, to assist in relieving the symptoms of chemotherapy and radiation treatment

Increase Comfort

The benefits of Reiki when undergoing chemotherapy and radiation include increased energy and relief of the symptoms that often come with cancer treatment. Mesothelioma prognosis can’t be extended with Reiki treatments, but your overall quality of life can easily be improved with one to four treatments per week. Most patients experience relief from severe chemotherapy symptoms for up to two days after a single treatment.

You will need to choose a recognized Reiki practitioner, although some medical centers in the United States do have their own centers for holistic treatments. Since Reiki improves the severity of symptoms, you may even need to take fewer prescription medications to control the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. It is absolutely vital that you receive traditional medical treatments, and take prescribed medicines, from a physician to control and treat cancer.

Enhance Well Being

While traditional medical sciences work on improving your physical health, holistic treatments such as Reiki can improve your sense of wellbeing. One of the basic tenants of holistic medicine is that the body, mind, and spirit are connected. Reiki focuses on bringing your energy back into balance using a form of touch therapy. During your Reiki session, the practitioner will work on bringing in healing energies to balance the body.

Reiki can also provide a sense of control over cancer, as well. By opting for more holistic treatments, you can reduce the side effects of medications meant to treat the side effects of cancer. For people who live organic or holistic lifestyles, Reiki is an ideal alternative for some medications. Talking to your cancer specialist is the best way to determine which medicines are optional and which are absolutely necessary for your treatment and recovery.

Divine Eternal Youth

The body grows old through negative thinking. Thought by thought the body assumes the vibrational reactions of every discord, every fear, and every dismal, hateful, jealous, sorrowful, self-pitying idea harboured in the mind of man.

Thoughts reveal their secrets on the open surface of the face and skin. From thoughts and emotions come the etchings of time as each line is engraved by the mis-use of the powers of one’s own thought. Wrinkles with all their ugly tracings write their own story upon the human countenance and form. Evil thoughts are the saboteurs of youth and beauty, and of life itself.

There is no room for the ugliness of age, the negation of disease or the decay of death to take hold as long as one revels in the gift and blessing of life. And for such a person life becomes ever more abundant.

Old age is no longer to be a thing of days or years. Age is a condition registered by thought and mortal concepts. Old age is the backward look as it squanders the present. Old age holds to the ancient discordant hates and resentments, to the marred moments of anguish, the pains and sufferings and sorrows, keeping them forever alive, as they become permanently engraved into the perfect smoothness of the skin.

Age is but the etching on the face of memory’s anguished, hateful thoughts. Age is that backward look that clings to the mistakes and the sorrows and the grief’s that were meant to pass away after their lesson was learned.

Old age is an ugly thing. It is a false condition. Fortunes have been and are being spent to erase its ugly script from the faces of women (and men). They may have their faces “lifted” by painful, intricate, expensive operations that leave a greater weakness for those muscles to sag into the rhythm of their established thinking patterns.

The only permanent “lifting” which is not contrary to natural laws, is the uplifting of one’s own thoughts. As one learns to think only the most beautiful things possible, holding himself in the joyous vibrating existence of that ever-present, glorious NOW, the realm of the soul, his face will be lifted to correspond with these thoughts.

The ancient engravings may not be changed in a day. It took years to establish that distorted pattern known as “AGE”. But it can be changed thought by thought as all negation is overcome through exalted thinking habits.

Wrinkles are but the dried excrements of the mind.

As one lets only love and kindness pour forth from his heart and his mind he learns to hold himself in the great stream of the Universe’s concentrated love and will receive the life more abundantly and will be restored to beauty, both of form and feature.

Love is Life! One can become that love as he permits it to flow out through his being to enfold the world and every living thing upon it. In this outpouring love one’s own soul is the first to receive of its healing, maturing, glorifying powers of renewal and quickening. Next the physical body will be enhanced as one is rewarded openly for his own inner communion. Then it is that this love, in expanding and increasing grandeur and power, will flow out through his heart to help heal and bless a world.

The love of the Divine holds within its potential powers the power to “lift” and exalt not only one’s face but every condition. This love is brought forth through man’s own thinking and “feeling” vibrations and activities. As one’s thinking is exalted the face will be lifted to assume the loveliness and beauty of his/her thoughts.

Healing Energy Of Crystals

Our universe is one of vibrations. Absolutely everything (including us) vibrates at a molecular level! In some objects, these vibrations tend to cancel one another due to the chaotic structure of their atoms. But other things, like crystals, have structures that allow these vibrations to add together.

This addition of vibrations due to the structure of objects like crystals causes them to amplify and radiate this energy of vibration. These vibrations are subtle, but they can be used to help you handle many of life’s everyday problems.

Stones and crystals each have a unique structure and composition. This gives each one a unique vibration rate and quality.

At the heart of a crystal is the atom and its component parts. An atom is dynamic, consisting of particles rotating around a centre in constant motion. So, although a crystal may look outwardly serene, it is actually a seething molecular mass vibrating at a certain frequency. This is what gives a crystal its energy.

Your body is made of the same elements found in stones and crystals. Your body and its internal organs is a collection of parts, each with a specific structure (on a chemical level), each made up of different combinations of carbon, hydrogen and other elements. Because of its structure and composition, each part of your body vibrates and emits energy into the space around it. If you could see these vibrations which are very high frequency you would see them as an energy body that extended well beyond your physical one. Impurities within your body alter these vibrations, adding chaotic elements that distort your energy body. These distortions can starve some areas of your physical body, preventing them from getting the correct vibrational energy that keeps them operating in harmony with the rest of the parts that make up your physical self.

Since stones and crystals vibrate and emit pure, strong vibrations at constant rates, they can be used to help eliminate distortions and restore proper balance, leading to better overall physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Each stone and crystal emits subtle vibrations that influence a specific area of your body. Matching the stone or crystal to its specific use allows you to get the most benefit from these natural gifts of harmony.

Scientific evidence about the potential health benefits and risks associated with stones and crystals is hard to come by, but crystals and stones have been used for thousands and thousands of years. This would seem to indicate not only their safety, but also their effectiveness. However, always seek medical attention from a qualified medical or mental health worker, or a Natural Health Practitioner, if you suspect you have a serious problem. The energies radiated from crystals and gems are subtle, and work over time.

Crystals and stones have been used since the dawn of civilisation. They can be used to influence our moods, our health, our personal development, our wealth, our environment and our relationships. If you are trying to choose a crystal for a specific reason, then focus on that reason and allow your intuition to choose the right crystals. If it’s for someone else, focus on that person.

The one you need will let you know, you will sense it – it might “catch your eye”, be a “must have”, “feel right” when you hold it, or you could even hear, taste or smell something that’ll let you know. There may also be strong pulsing in your hand when you hold it.

Choosing crystals is mainly about using your intuition and using your six senses as an extension of that intuition. Remember that crystals will choose you as much as you choose them! Enjoy them and remember to thank them too!