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Reiki is one of the few types of holistic medicine that is recognized by the American Cancer Society as being very beneficial for the patients overall health and wellbeing. There are several benefits in choosing this alternative medicine in addition to your more traditional medicine. Patients with mesothelioma can use alternative treatments, including Reiki, to assist in relieving the symptoms of chemotherapy and radiation treatment

Increase Comfort

The benefits of Reiki when undergoing chemotherapy and radiation include increased energy and relief of the symptoms that often come with cancer treatment. Mesothelioma prognosis can’t be extended with Reiki treatments, but your overall quality of life can easily be improved with one to four treatments per week. Most patients experience relief from severe chemotherapy symptoms for up to two days after a single treatment.

You will need to choose a recognized Reiki practitioner, although some medical centers in the United States do have their own centers for holistic treatments. Since Reiki improves the severity of symptoms, you may even need to take fewer prescription medications to control the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. It is absolutely vital that you receive traditional medical treatments, and take prescribed medicines, from a physician to control and treat cancer.

Enhance Well Being

While traditional medical sciences work on improving your physical health, holistic treatments such as Reiki can improve your sense of wellbeing. One of the basic tenants of holistic medicine is that the body, mind, and spirit are connected. Reiki focuses on bringing your energy back into balance using a form of touch therapy. During your Reiki session, the practitioner will work on bringing in healing energies to balance the body.

Reiki can also provide a sense of control over cancer, as well. By opting for more holistic treatments, you can reduce the side effects of medications meant to treat the side effects of cancer. For people who live organic or holistic lifestyles, Reiki is an ideal alternative for some medications. Talking to your cancer specialist is the best way to determine which medicines are optional and which are absolutely necessary for your treatment and recovery.